Network Connection Records

Local Selector and long time friend of network connection records Sonny Wu presents a range of easy listening jams for your aural pleasure, recorded hot and live in store...

... And now for something completely different; a brief mix direct from the NC catalog. All vinyl, all love.
A canapé sized sample of some new arrivals, and some more deeply buried truffles, harvested fresh from the Network Connection shelves and prepared in-store to order by your chef du jour, J. J. Leenaars.

Artwork by Gemma Coote.

Live all vinyl mix compiled from our new arrivals (and some not as new) at Network Connection Records. Deep vibes.
Image credit: Sammy Slabbinck

Astute interpretations of cafe muzak for the latte sippers and avocado toast eaters. Presented By Network Connection Records and Selected by Big Sir.

Image credit: Sammy Slabbinck