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EDSEVEN : Broadside : (Midnight Swim)

Local label Midnight Swim comes out of the blocks with their debut release courtesy of Sydney stalwart Edseven. "Broadside" is a class affair, with it's low slung grooves and sun-drenched sensibility. Strong mixes on all counts, each respectful of the original's intentions whilst providing nonetheless refreshing interpretations. For us, it is hard to go past the delicacy and maturity of Peret Mako's mix, but there's something for everyone here and each track holds it's own more than sufficiently.

All in all great little package that we're proud to be supporting. Keep an eye out for news and happenings over on Midnight Swim's page, they've been pulling together some great little events over the past few months and we're sure we'll see many more good things from them in the not too distant future.

Most importantly of course, support the artists and support your local. Broadside is in stock now in limited quantities. You know what to do.

Josh Leenaars