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Ken Oath Records 001 : Various Artists Sampler


Very excited to have our hands on the inaugural release from Sydney's Ken Oath Records. And well worth the wait it is indeed! Ken001 serves up 4 nicely matured slabs of dreamy, low-flung and sun-baked machine funk in exactly the kind of style that pushes our buttons here...

"Featuring are four cuts taken from the depths of the Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne undergrounds, each with their own character, but all inflected with the same energy of a scene that spends at least three quarters of their year living in a summer paradise.

Leading the charge is up and coming Sydney producer dj Riggles with “Slick Like Oil”, a drenched number dog-eared by shuffling snares and sparkling synth work. Underground City Loop continues the trend of quality lo-fi house coming out of Australia at the moment, with the looping and hypnotic “Systems”. London-based Melbourne duo Donald’s House bring “Aquarian Dream” to the table, combining a Balearic rhythm and tone with astute percussion and dubbier undertones. 


Canberran heavyweight of all things weird and Moontown Records head honcho Low Flung rounds out KEN001 with the aptly titled “Floaty Time”, which contains synth work so effervescent and smooth it threatens to float off completely."

... The release features precisely the kind of style and energy that in our humble opinion is currently setting our homegrown electronic music apart from the rest of the world. The tracks featured, although for the most part stylistically familiar and retrospective in nature, breathe with a fresh energy and perspective which makes them seem to shine a little brighter than the majority of the balearic & boogie influenced machine grooves enjoying popularity of late... 

... Efforts from Riggles and Donald's House in particular caught our attention, each featuring a certain timeless charm which we think will age well. But a terrific E.P. all round and a mighty debut from Ken Oath. Struth! 

Josh Leenaars