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Crate au Fait

Crate au Fait Vol.3

Magda Bytnerowicz

...Before starting out a little store called Network Connection, most of us here served lengthy stints in the Hospitality industry, working in and around a spread of Sydney's good many cafes, bars and restaurants and over the course of this experience, most of us attuned to the presence of a curious predicament... It is common knowledge that music played in a venue or space has a reasonably weighty impact on its mood & atmosphere (a truth that operators and staff alike would invariably wish to use to effect), although in practice our experiences were more often filled with uninspired, repetitive and sometimes blatantly incongruous soundtracks. A wasted opportunity it seems, but perhaps unsurprising given the nature of the task at hand. 

...Indeed for most who have tried their hand at playing music to an audience - whether to the crowd at the local club or the crowd in the back of mum's auto - an impression might generally be gleaned that commanding a space effectively requires a bit of practice and attention. Ergo it is a skill that some devote almost incalculable lengths of time to mastering. 

In our experience, programming suitable back-ground music is a rather slipperier task than one might initially think. At it’s most effective it draws on two contrasting ideals found in muzak and ambient genres... Whereas canned music’s intention is to brighten the environment by adding stimulus to it; enforcing a particular mood or behaviour, ambient must be able to accommodate many different levels of attention without enforcing one in particular. In other words it must be as ignorable as it is interesting. A great café soundtrack, for example, performs a delicate balancing act somewhere right about the middle of these two ideas, which to us makes it an alluring challenge worthy of some further cogitation.

So how then does the humble establishment live up to this challenge of keeping their soundtrack dynamic, sensitive and seasonable day to day when time and attention are often spread so thin?… Perhaps the solution lies in relieving the operators ad employees of some of this burden; and who better to pose the problem to instead than our beloved network of artists, professionals and hobbyists dedicating themselves to, and making their passions out of curating, sourcing and selecting.

And so we present Crate au Fait... 

It gives us great pleasure to present just under two hours of selections from one of our most esteemed patrons. A providoré extraordinaire and a mother who rocks it like few others... Magda Bytnerowicz.

Magda takes us out for an abounding and epicurean Sunday brunch, soundtracked with her customary style, poise and polish. Bon appétit!

Josh Leenaars