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Spotlight: Mosaics - (Echovolt Records)


Athenian imprint Echovolt Records is a label garnering a lot of our attention of late. With a string of releases demonstrating that they aren't afraid to push a unique and esoteric sound, each new edition comes with the thrill of not knowing quite what to expect. Their latest offering is a beautiful mosaic of six tracks from six artists hailing from six different parts of the globe, featuring works from mysterious Sydney alias Indreamz & Perth local Hugo Gerani. 

Enjoyably, Mosaics lives up to its title, presenting us a chaotic amalgamation of fragmented sounds, scenes and influences but bringing them carefully together to form a bright, bold and beautiful whole. US native Shea McGilvray provides one of our favourite moments on the LP with Aspartame - a cleverly titled, bitter-sweet, balearic groover...

A1    Bridge & Tunnel Kids - Omnii (Terekke's Sun Salutation Mix)
A2    Hugo Gerani - Everything Just Happiness    
A3    Tlim Shug - Memoir For Your Dream    
B1    Indreamz - Indreamz    
B2    Oldman Talkin' - Magnetic Eyes    
B3    Shea - Aspartame



...Copies are limited as usual so don't wait to get your hands on this beauty. An LP most certainly worth your time, and one we'll no doubt be rinsing it in the store over the next few weeks. Check out some previews below but make sure to pay us a visit for the deluxe listening experience.