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Thursday delivery

Weekly new arrivals just in. This week features new material again on Donato Dozzy's Spazio Disponsible, who have been turning the screw lately with a flush of new material in the past few months. Their latest see's the honour of the label's first full-length in the capable hands of fellow countryman Marco Shuttle, who rather unsurprisingly proves a perfect fit for the task, turning his hand to the format with deftness and maturity...

Other notable mentions this week include a strong as hell new 12" on Klasse Wrecks from the inimitable Your Planet Is Next, transcendental unreleased magic from NWAQ, Essential re-stocks from Alleviated, Sotofett's recent appearance for Swedish masters of the esoteric - Börft records, and if you ever felt like your life will never be complete until you've heard what an Underground Resistance revision of the mighty US jazz fusion group Weather Report might sound like - rest assured you can now die happy. 

These and more hitting the shelves today... stay tuned for details on this weeks full roster.

Josh Leenaars