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Over the past little while, Parisian imprint Antinote has gradually built up a little stronghold in our hearts with their steadily growing collection of loveable and out-there releases. Their roster tends to shy away from well known artists and shows little interest in conforming to any particular genre, so when viewed in isolation, it could be challenging to pin down what exactly it is that the label is all about; and that is a big part of what makes this Aniversary compilation so special... 

5 Years Of Loving Notes invites some of the labels past contributors, and some new faces to bring their unique styles to the table and weaves them together into a neat tapestry which creates a remarkably cohesive image of the label's greater vision. 

For the uninitiated, this comp. provides a great window into the minds of Antinote honchos Quentin Vandewalle & Gwen Jamois, and for those already familiar with the label's esoteric style, the collection of works here will no doubt make a welcome addition to one's swag.

Resident Advisor's Label Of The Month feature provides some more detailed information on the characters and motivations behind the label:

Josh Leenaars