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Udmo - Luba Luft

10 releases deep and showing no signs of slowing... Alex Albrecht & Sean L'Abrooy's Analogue Attic Recordings cruises into double digits with a follow up effort from past contributor UDMO. 

In our opinion, AAR010 really nails it... from the artwork (which is satisfyingly congruous to the music which belies it), to the tracks themselves; which show clear development from Udmo's previous release. Australian audiences are increasingly open to, or dare we even say hungry for, a myriad of diverse musical experiences. Similarly we are finding more and more Australian artists are not afraid to throw shit against the fan and see what sticks. This then, in our opinion, is a quintessentially Australian contemporary House release, that which reflects a distinct melding of influences, referencing loose and natural broken beat textures, rigid european minimalist electronics, nature inspired ambient, and boldly sticking them together to form a unique and deftly cohesive whole.

All tracks are beautifully and meticulously mixed, full of warmth and subtlety; but the crowning achievement of this release is its strong sense of identity. Udmo develops his own unique style without loosing an ounce of the AAR aesthetic, which shines through with equal strength. This is no small feat, so our hats go off to Udmo and Analogue Attic for their efforts on this one!

Josh Leenaars