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CYBE : Tropisch Verlangen

Just received some copies of Stroom's latest offering... a 12" compilation of early tape recordings from Haarlem native CYBE. Some words from the label make for an entertaining primer:

   ... "Some people might think every inhabitant of the Netherlands is a hardcore pothead living in a caravan, dividing his/her free time between kinky sex parties and nudist beaches along the north sea. And although most of that is true, some inhabitants also play instruments better than most other people. Cybe is one of them.

After travelling to India, Indonesia, Thailand, Bali and Java in his younger days, Cybe released three cassette tapes. "Tropisch Verlangen” now compiles a series of ten wonderful handcrafted analogue electronics from those tapes, sounding like lush fields of electronic wheat swaying in voltage controlled wind. It reads as a musical travelogue from a Dutch musician from Haarlem, who listened to way too much Gong and went searching for inspiration, sound recordings and instruments in the East in the early eighties."

. . . . .

Stroom caught our attention with their previous release - Jan Van Den Broeke's "11000 Dreams" : A surprising collection of "introvert music" who's quaint, meandering wave/pop aesthetic belies impressive song writing and deft sound design. In much the same way, "Tropisch Verlangen" features a curious marriage of influences (coined by the label - "Techno-Nature Synthesis"), who's seemingly naive charm betrays moments of arresting beauty and inspiration.

Beautifully packaged and pressed, Topisch Verlangen is a must for ambient fans who aren't afraid of a little period naff-ness.  "The Running Water" provides one our favourite moments of the collection - 

Josh Leenaars