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natural/electronic.system. ‎– Sicut Erat

Words cannot express how happy it makes us to be holding a natural/electronic.system. 12" in our hands at last.

For those uninitiated, natural/electronic.system are a Dj / production duo from Italy who first came to our attention through the infamous Aussie blog mnml ssgs. The mixes we found there were some of the most inspiring and influential we ever had the good fortune of stumbling accross. These made up a healthy chunk of our listening in our formative years and really re-defined for us what a DJ set could potentially be. 

To quote from minimal ssgs, as it could scarcely be put better - "Antonio and Valerio have a special ability for building: allowing the music to breathe and slowly develop. There is a real beauty in the pace and manner in which natural/electronic.system. construct their DJ sets. This is what distinguishes their approach”

We implore you to check out a couple of our all time favourite sets below, including this most recent effort - showcasing some superb selections from the catalog of young Moroccan label TIKITA, with whom their debut 12” resides. 

Copies of recent Tikita back-stock are also in stock this week. This is a quality over quantity label folks so don’t sleep and keep your eyes peeled for future additions!

Preview the new 12" here...

Josh Leenaars