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As much as we love spreading the joy and message of dance music in all its diversity (and we do), sometimes a bit of respite from its perpetual rhythmic energy is necessary… every now and then we need something to break up the patterns and structures it is so often bound to, something which can grant our minds the freedom to meander through sound and space and take in the sights at its own pace; and every now and then a record absolutely perfect for the task comes through our doors. When it does we absolutely cherish it.

The latest offering from Jonny Nash & Suzanne Kraft has been such a record for us. Not so much a groundbreaking piece of work, but one that was perfect for a job we didn’t even know needed it for. Barely a minute of listening had us effortlessly sliding away into stillness and calm… The atmosphere, whilst amply spacious, is warm and palpable, and tones and textures lap and interject casually with scant regard for time. Like a fine impressionist painting it is moody yet remains suggestive, and the sense of freedom and patience throughout is liberating and delightfully meditative. This is music to watch the rain fall and the world go by to… a surprising and satisfyingly cohesive collection of rather stunning electroacoustic sound works that we recommend a nice set of speakers and your most comfortable and cosy vantage point for…

“Passive Aggressive” is out now on Melody As Truth an is available in store @ NCR while stocks last. Check the clips below but do yourself a favour and grab the full release for the full experience.