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SO (Labyrinth /Japan) - Free Open Air + Record Raffle!


Gives us a good dose of the warm and fuzzies to be helping organise a special treat for a good cause… and lord have we got a particularly juicy one lined up for y’all.

In conjunction with Dunj, Energy Workshop and Lazy Susan, we’re offering up 6 hand selected 12”s to serve as the grand prize in a bit of a good old fashioned raffle! The proceeds of which all go toward helping fund an incredible get together featuring, among the host of talented locals, the debut Sydney appearance from none other than Labyrinth co-founder and resident SO.

Just 10 of your Australian dollars will put you in the draw to win all 6 staff picks!

Now that’s amore

Tickets available here:

RSVP here: SO (Labyrinth /Japan) - Free Open Air

Josh Leenaars